The House of Experiments is for everyone!

Science, learning, art and humour all intertwine in the House of Experiments into a whole. This awakens the visitors’ curiosity and brings them closer to the natural laws and phenomena from everyday life in a simple and interesting way.

During individual researching and carrying out experiments, every visitor learns the truth with “their own skin”, the most effective kind of school.

A chinese proverb says: »I heard and I forgot. I saw and I rememberd. I did it and I know.« This last is what happens in the House.

We would like to create a society of curious and open people who are not afraid to admit and ask what they do not know, and learn about it. The knowledge of individuals becomes richer with personal experience obtained through experimenting, and society becomes richer through the free exchange of ideas among individuals. HE helps build personal experience and open up the flow of information.